Current and Former Students

Prospective students 

I'm open to collaborations with motivated students in the domains of multiple target tracking, augmented reality, computer vision for mobile robotics, humanoid robotics. We can set up themes for BS thesis, Master thesis, Technological projects, Summer stays or Phd Thesis. If interested please come and see me (office I-101) or send me an email.

Current students

  • Noé Guadalupe Aldana Murillo. PhD candidate (co-advised with Hector Becerra). 
  • Daniel Omar Castro Razo. M.S. (co-advised with Johan Van Horebeek).
  • Andrea Ek Hobak. M.S.
  • José Gallardo. M.S.
  • Javad Amirian. PhD candidate (co-advised with Julien Pettré).

Former students