The CCSAD dataset

Several real-world stereo datasets exist for the development and testing of algorithms in the fields of perception and navigation of autonomous vehicles. However, none of them was recorded in developing countries and therefore they lack the particular characteristics that can be found in their streets and roads, like abundant potholes, speed bumpers and peculiar flows of pedestrians. We introduce a novel dataset that possesses such characteristics. This stereo dataset was recorded from a moving vehicle and contains high resolution stereo images which are complemented with orientation and acceleration data obtained from an IMU, GPS data, and data from the car computer. 

For details on the file structures, please consult Roberto Guzman's master thesis.

When using this dataset in your research, we will be happy if you cite us:

  author = {Roberto Guzman and Jean-Bernard Hayet and Reinhard Klette},
  title = {Towards Ubiquitous Autonomous Driving: The CCSAD Dataset},
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We have classified our sequences in four categories: Colonial Town Streets, Urban Streets, Avenues and Small Roads, and  Tunnel Network. Some example frames are shown below. All sequences were recorded in daytime with varying lighting conditions, except for the sequences corresponding to the Tunnel network category, recorded at night. These sequences were recorded in 3 sessions; we provide the calibration data for each of these sessions.

Sample pairs

Some of the zip files are huge (over 6G for some of them). In Linux, we recommend to use the Archive Mounter and to copy the content from the mounted zip file. Below are a few video samples:

Calibration sequences

Calibration, session 1 [zip file, 36.8M]

Calibration, session 2 [zip file, 24.5M]

Calibration, session 3 [zip file, 43.3M]

Urban streets

Sequence S1A [Log session 20140527_151946, Session 1, zip file, 6.2G]

Sequence S1B [Log session 20140527_153617, Session 1, zip file, 4.5G]

Sequence S1D [Log session 20140527_160412, Session 1, zip file, 4.9G]

Sequence S1E [Log session 20140527_162403, Session 1, zip file, 4.5G] 

Sequence S1F [Log session 20140527_163102, Session 1, zip file, 5.6G]

Sequence S1G [Log session 20140527_163836, Session 1, zip file, 4.6G]

Avenues and Small Roads

Sequence S1C [Log session 20140527_154854, Session 1, zip file, 4.5G]

Sequence S1H [Log session  20140527_164804, Session 1, zip file, 5.6G]

Sequence S1I [Log session 20140527_165728, Session 1, zip file, 4.1G]

Sequence S1J [Log session 20140527_170958, Session 1, zip file, 6.9 G]

Sequence S1K [Log session 20140527_172001, Session 1, zip file, 5.7G]

Sequence S1L [Log session 20140527_172711, Session 1, zip file, 4.1G]

Sequence S2C [Log session 20140604_152758, Session 2, zip file, 7.2G]

Sequence S2D [Log session 20140604_153453, Session 2, zip file, 7.4G]

Sequence S2E [Log session 20140604_155133, Session 2, zip file, 8.5G]

Sequence S2H [Log session 20140604_164515, Session 2, zip file, 9.3G]

Sequence S3F [Log session 20140704_190936, Session 3, zip file, 7.2G]

Sequence S3G [Log session 20140704_191748, Session 3, zip file, 6.6G]

Sequence S3S [Log session 20140705_012726, Session 3, zip file, 6.8G]

Colonial Town Streets

Sequence S2A [Log session 20140604_144706, Session 2, zip file, 6G]

Sequence S2B [Log session 20140604_151558, Session 2, zip file, 7.5G]

Sequence S2F [Log session 20140604_161757, Session 2, zip file, 8G]

Sequence S2G [Log session 20140604_162539, Session 2, zip file, 7.7G]

Sequence S2I [Log session 20140604_165737, Session 2, zip file, 7.1G]

Sequence S2J [Log session 20140604_170400, Session 2, zip file, 6.7G]

Sequence S3A [Log session 20140704_181506, Session 3, zip file, 5.6G]

Sequence S3B [Log session 20140704_182151, Session 3, zip file, 5.6G]

Sequence S3C [Log session 20140704_182720, Session 3, zip file, 6G]

Sequence S3D [Log session 20140704_183242, Session 3, zip file, 6.3G]

Sequence S3E [Log session 20140704_190046, Session 3, zip file, 6.6G]

Sequence S3H [Log session 20140704_192518, Session 3, zip file, 7.6G]

Sequence S3I [Log session 20140704_195540, Session 3, zip file, 7.9G]

Sequence S3J [Log session 20140704_200203, Session 3, zip file, 7G]

Sequence S3K [Log session 20140704_201624, Session 3, zip file, 3.8G]

Tunnel Network

Sequence S3L [Log session 20140705_000919, Session 3, zip file, 6.8G]

Sequence S3M [Log session 20140705_001513, Session 3, zip file, 4.8G]

Sequence S3N [Log session 20140705_002134, Session 3, zip file, 6.2G]

Sequence S3O [Log session 20140705_002829, Session 3, zip file, 5.9G]

Sequence S3P [Log session 20140705_003440, Session 3, zip file, 5.2G]

Sequence S3Q [Log session 20140705_003929, Session 3, zip file, 7.2G]

Sequence S3R [Log session 20140705_011358, Session 3, zip file, 6.8G]